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Old-age poverty is often female in Germany. This campaign encourages women to take care of their pensions and open their eyes before it’s too late. The illustration style is loud, meant to visualise women’s anger, and is inspired by old ‘Superwoman’ comics. It’s more about bold images that draw attention than a representation that any woman can identify with.

Jung von Matt/Spree

Client | Campaign
Sparkasse | Geld für später → 2018

→ Visual Concept
→ Illustration
→ Motion Graphics


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Illustration von einem Mund, der Armut schreit

This illustration is more about an eye-catching image that grabs attention than a general representation of women (I wouldn’t wear heels either)

Storyboard Sample

Initial Styleframes

Originally, the illustrations were created for a music video. This meant that there were fewer CI limitations on the design.

Illustration von einem Mund, der Armut schreit
Illustration von einem Mund und 3D-Text
Illustration von Mund, der Rente schreit
Illustration von einem Mund, der Armut schreit
Anatomische Herz-Illustration
Illustration von einem anatomische Herz

Red, White & Black

Unfortunately, the music video could not be realised. Returning to the primary CI colours of the client (red, white, and black), the idea came up to represent women’s anger in the style of political slogans (‘Parolen’). These drafts formed the basis for the final illustration concept.

Illustration von einem Mund, der Armut schreit
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