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The ‘Exponatec’ in Cologne is a museum fair where future-oriented trends and technologies are the focus of attention. The visual concept of the booth combines exhibits from ‘Werk5’ and touch applications from ‘Interactive Scape’. It simulates an actual exhibition that is self-explanatory and encourages visitors to interact with the products on their own.

Interactive Scape

Client | Project
Internal Project | Exponatec Fair → 2019

→ Visual Concept in Collaboration
→ Branding, Graphic Design
→ Tape Art Concept / Briefing
→ Photography

→ 3D Crocodile by Werk5


A new branding was created to give the two companies a uniform look and feel. The tape art guidance system formed the basis for the visual concept.

Messerabattkarte von Interactive Scape für die Exponatec


Tape Art

The tape art acts as a guidance system and picks up on the architectural shapes (final design and implementation by ‘Tape That’).


The booth layout was adapted to the design concept. Visitors can walk around like in a museum and have the possibility of a 360° experience.

Rendering by Victor Nastasa (edited)


The haptic tape art contrasts the clean style of the technical products. It gives the general design a rougher look and is designed to take away visitors’ worries about interacting with the digital exhibits.

Illustration von einem Mund, der Armut schreit
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Music by © Marc Sinan