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‘Scape X’ is a new product line from ‘Interactive Scape’. Transparent objects interact with an intelligent display. The three-dimensional ‘X’ visualises that there is more to it than meets the eye (AI). The triangles take up the aspect of light refraction (prism). Various assets were designed for the product launch.

Interactive Scape

Client | Project
Internal Project | Scape X Product Launch → 2020

→ Visual Concept
→ Graphic & Web Design
→ Motion Graphics
→ Trade Fair Concept

Product Renderings by Victor Nastasa

iMc-Mockup mit transparentem Token und bunten Dreiecken

Key Visual

Key-Vsiual mit Text und einem 3D-X mit bunten Dreiecken


Scape X Messe-Flyer mit bunten Dreiecken


Interactive Scape Website Layout
Interactive Scape Website Slide mit Text und transparentem Objekt
Interactive Scape Website Slide mit Text und transparentem Objekt

Product Images

Scape X Shape Product-Rendering mit bunten Dreiecken
Scape X Invisible Product-Rendering mit bunten Dreiecken


Scape X Packaging Mockup

Trade Show Concept


The smart display: There’s more to it than meets the eye. These drafts show that it makes a difference in how the ‘X’ is displayed.

Scape X Entwurf mit 3D-X
Scape X Entwurf 3D-X Object Recognition
Scape X Display Entwurf, das intelligente Display
Scape X Key Visual Entwurf: 3D-X mit Verlauf auf grüner Fläche
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